Bitcoin casino promotions you should watch out for

There are a lot of factors that make online casino sites more special. Among these are promotional offers that aim to elevate the overall betting experience of each bettor. It makes it more enticing to play online compared to the traditional land-based setting experience where the bonuses are only given to VIPs.

As an online casino and bookmaker for both sports and esports matches, BC GAME aims to deliver the best online betting experience to all members of its community. You can expect a lot of exciting offers that can make your time more worthwhile.

As a gambling website established in 2017, BC GAME became a great site that provides its players with a smooth betting experience. Aside from being compatible with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you may also enjoy offers that can grant bigger prizes without breaking the bank. Here’s what you have to learn about the best online casino promotions:

fruits chasewin
Fruits Chase'n'win
Book of Aphrodite
Book of Aphrodite
Mega Greatest Catch
Mega Greatest Catch
Mount M
Mount M
777 vegas showtime
777 Vegas Showtime
The Border
The Border

What are Bitcoin casino promotions?

The best Bitcoin casino promotions work smoothly with casino and sports bookmaker sites like BC GAME. This way, you’ll have more credits in your account without depositing more funds.

There are several commonly offered promotions you can enjoy, and each of them can get you enticed to wager more. These promotions may come in the form of special events and campaigns that may get you more excited to play. After claiming the rewards, read through the terms and conditions.

How do online casino promotions work?

Online casino promotions work so that they make you more engaged with the site. It’s their way of thanking you for your loyalty or the deposits you make. Somehow, they also work as a way to make you more excited about the games they have on their roster.

When you wager an amount that matches the requirements of a particular promotion, make sure to use it within the time frame it is still valid. Doing so allows you to enjoy more prizes even when you don’t wager more.

BC Game casino promotions

As mentioned, there are several promotions that you can earn when playing at BC Game. Claiming them proves it is better to play casino games with the site or bet on the sports you love.

Here’s what you can expect from the site:

BC Game VIP Club promotions

Land casinos are not the only ones with something to make you feel special. You don’t have to break the bank at BC Game just to become a VIP player. You can rank up and get better perks by playing and betting regularly. If you have a higher ranking, you can also unlock more site features.

Here are some of the perks if you become a VIP player:

  • A chance to win luxurious trips, elegant suite stays, or invitations to exclusive parties
  • Free coins every day
  • Secret treasures
  • Special bonus codes
  • A unique VIP transfer program
  • An exclusive VIP Host

BC Game regular player promotions

If there’s something for the VIPs, there are also several other bonuses that regular players would have to keep their eyes on. BC Game has a lot of exciting offers that grant double the amount of the initial payout or even more!


Beer Bonanza
Wolf Fang Goldne Sands
Wolf Fang Golden Sands
Story of the last Samurai Ronin
Zillard King
Zillard King
Miss Cherry Fruits
Miss Cherry Fruits
Aurum Codex

What are the types of Bitcoin casino promotions?

There are several types of promotions available online. Though they may be called different names, they somehow fall into the general promotion categories. With them, you can earn real money as part of their incentives.

Promotions, like games, have several variations that can make you find something that best matches your playing style. For example, many sites may treat their regular players with a loyalty program, reload bonuses, or cashback offers.

Here are other bonus types you should learn more about:

Every online casino has its conditions for wagering certain amounts of money. It will help you play more, even without spending more. You can claim deposit bonuses that come in the form of bonus money. Deposit bonuses are equal to a certain percentage based on how much you wagered. Still, the rates may vary from one site to another. offers several exciting deposit bonuses, but the most exciting one can be enjoyed on your first four deposits. Respectively, this may earn you:

  • Up to 180% on your 1st deposit
  • Up to 200% on your 2nd deposit
  • Up to 220% on your 3rd deposit
  • Up to 240% on your 4th deposit

You can use most casino bonuses after meeting all of the wagering requirements. On the contrary, this bonus will not require anything from you except for an existing account. Its main objective is to boost your account’s credit total.

BC Game gives no deposit bonuses in the form of mini-games they host.

Free spins are a popular form of bonus promotion that will make you feel more engaged with their slot games. It was made for you to enjoy slot games regardless if it may be a site’s recommendation or a game of your choice. It’s often included in a welcome bonus, yet it can also be treated as a separate bonus.

From time to time, sites like will give you special codes for you to claim interesting perks. You have to input them into the site and learn more about their inclusions and how you can use them. At BC Game, bonus codes are called shitcodes and assure you of a worthwhile playing experience.

Faucet bonuses are special offers you can only enjoy on Bitcoin casinos and bookmakers like BC Game. With this, you can get small amounts of BTC and use them for your following wagers. These aren’t as big as other offers, but they are one of the best gambling promotions you can enjoy.

How do casino promotions work?

Any online casino has special promo offers for its players to enjoy. Depending on what they give, the bonuses can be rewarded by the online casino on the following schedules that will give you something to look forward to:

  • Daily → These are special bonuses that are always available for you to get.
  • Weekly → These occasional promotions will give you something to look forward to. Often, they come with specific requirements you’d have to meet.

Regardless of what promotion you wish to achieve, make sure to wager from time to time and play regularly. That way, you can easily have a taste of their bonuses every time you deposit.

Burning Classics
Burning Classics
Lucky Cat
Book of Piggy Bank
Thai Charm
Thai Charm
Loot The Train
Loot The Train
Diamond Explosion 7s

BC Game best casino promotions

BC Game ensures that it offers nothing but the best online casino promotions you can ever get. With that, here are the popular promotions that are recommended for you to try:

There are several no-deposit bonuses you can claim at BC Game under this category:

  • Master Medals
  • Lucky Spin bonus
  • Task Hub
  • Roll Competition
  • Where is Coco Bonus
  • Rain

BCDs stand for BC Dollars which are as good as 1 USD. You can earn these by taking part in other promotions. It’s a part of the site that allows you to monitor how many BCDs you have already earned.

These special codes will give you an extra boost for your next wagers. You can earn these during special announcements, game campaigns, and the site’s social media platforms.

The Master Medals is BC Game’s official loyalty program, where you can earn 21 medals as you play. Each is earned in various categories you’ll encounter on the site.

You can get 20 BCD once you’ve earned five medals. After ten medals, you will receive an additional 800 BCD, followed by 15 for 2400 BCD and 20 for 10,000 BCD. Each of these BCDs equals 1 USD, which you can use for your next wagers.

The Lucky Spin wheel ensures you exciting prizes regardless of how the game plays out. You can win up to 1 BTC per spin even if you are a newbie. The awards get better as you play at a higher level. Being at a higher rank also allows you to upgrade the wheel to Super Spin or a Mega Spin.

As you continue to play on the site, the points you earn from each task will give you access to more BCD benefits. These tasks are refreshed daily, giving you something to look forward to. Aside from daily tasks, you may also try the weekly tasks for other rewards.

Rakes are the tiny fees the website charges you for each wager you place. With a Rakeback bonus, you can receive a portion of the casino’s rake. It’s a cashback, but you can only unlock it at VIP level 14.

Your wagering history and losses from the previous seven days are considered for calculating recharge bonuses. BC Game will also consider your VIP status. You are eligible for this incentive if you are currently at VIP level 22 or higher.

The site gives you freedom on how you wish to split the bonus throughout the week. There are three options for you to choose from. Namely:

  • Daily → where you can collect once every 24 hours
  • Hourly → where you can collect up to 24 times a day
  • Flash charge → where you can collect up to 144 times a day

You only have one chance to win in this game. You get one chance to press the roll button and generate three numbers daily. If you can reach or come close to the highest number, 999, you can place in the top 10 and be eligible to win some fantastic rewards.

Coco from BC Game will randomly appear for a short time every six hours. Try to locate him, and when you do, click him. You will receive a reward if you do this. Remember that the incentives are better if you are from a higher VIP level.


Active players in the chat room will have a great chance of winning this bonus. Here, six participants will be chosen randomly and given prizes in this bonus. The site will use a rain algorithm to select the six lucky players.

BC Game promo codes

As stated earlier, BC GAME has promo codes called shitcodes. With these, you may get more BCDs or other crypto prizes that will grant you more chances to play. There are several ways to acquire these, so players should always keep an eye out for them.

How to participate in BC Game promotions?

It’s easy to have your hands on the top casino promotions BC Game offers. Here are some ways how you can have a chance of getting one:

  • Log in to your player account and visit the promotions page. That way, you will see all the offers and find something in their selection that appeals to you the most.
  • Check the specific details of each promotion and learn more about their qualifications. Upon doing so, you will know what to do. It will also inform you how much real money you have to deposit.
  • Take some time to read the terms and conditions and how they apply to sports and casino betting. By having an idea, you can be more eager to play and qualify for the special bonuses.
  • Be familiar with special events to claim the promotions before the offer ends.


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What are casino promotion requirements?

You may have noticed that terms and conditions apply to the different casino promotions you may encounter. These are common for every offer as not all can be given to players easily. Each offer varies accordingly, so read what makes each one different.

Benefits of casino promotions

You can enjoy several benefits by claiming the casino promotions you are qualified for. Here are some of them:

  • It makes you feel special → Qualifying from promotions gives you a sense of accomplishment since they work as prizes that will boost your winnings.
  • It helps you win more → You can earn more credit for your account when you use the promotions to wager more on any sports match or casino games you like to participate in.
  • Prevents you from overspending → By giving you more account credits, you won’t be alarmed even when you lose since the bonuses don’t make you lose any money. It makes the experience more memorable since you can save money even when you wish to wager more.


These are just some facts you’d have to keep in mind when playing with the BC Game promotions of your choice. By keeping these in mind and seeing how amazing they are, you can be more eager to keep wagering and see just how far it can take you!


Bitcoin gambling provides more ease and convenience. Among the perks it gives are faster and smoother transactions made possible by its decentralization.

It depends on what promotions you are eyeing. Some promotions have wagering requirements, while some don’t.

Yes. BC Game’s free promotions come in mini-games, so you can enjoy how you can acquire them.

Of course! Before learning more about each promotion’s requirements, make sure that you’re logged in to your active and well-funded account.

There are several sources where you can get BC GAME promo codes. Aside from those, as mentioned earlier, you can also get them on forum threads, affiliate sites, and even chat rooms.

BC GAME has a promising roster of promotions that will keep you engaged. Still, every site has its unique offer, so it’s up to you to check which ones are most appealing to you and your playstyle.